The only Genie dog in town!

JINU is the one and only Genie dog!  In mythology, a genie is a type of spirit thought to have magical powers and grant its owners three wishes.  Come join us and let JINU the Genie make your wishes come true!

Ensuring the security of our community, the liquidity pool tokens are locked away, 56.7% of the original supply has already been burned, and every coin in circulation paid for in the open market (no transfers or pre-sale).

UPDATE - Community Takeover!

$JINU is now 100% community run. The original developer set it up as a scam, but did not anticipate how successful $JINU would be. After he sold all his coins, the community stepped up and regained control. We have verified that there are no suspicious wallets, transferred all assets, and fully taken over. We have a core team (all heavily invested) who are extremely driven, transparent, and communicative. Join our Telegram and ask us anything!

Donation Wallet

We have a donation wallet set up for marketing efforts, specifically contest giveaways, influencer marketing, TikTok ads, exchange listings, etc. A handful of our large holders are currently paying for everything out of pocket. So every little bit helps!!
Donation Wallet Address:   0x5dacB7dF32A0A8EA58ECaD1856D6D0ff5047d33a

About $JINU

This is probably what you are looking for.

How Can You Buy $JINU?

1. Create a MetaMask Wallet

$JINU token is available on the Ethereum blockchain. MetaMask is the market leader in ERC20 (Ethereum) wallets. On Google Chrome, visit to download the extension and set up a wallet. On mobile? Get MetaMask’s app for iPhone or Android.

2. Send $ETH to MetaMask

Buy Ethereum through MetaMask or transfer it to your MetaMask wallet address from another wallet (e.g. Coinbase or Binance).

3. Visit Uniswap

You can buy $JINU on Uniswap, the only official decentralized exchange where you can swap the $JINU token.

4. Swap $ETH for $JINU

Enter the amount of $ETH you would like to swap for $JINU. Click Connect Wallet then Swap

Roadmap To The Moon

Getting a dog to the moon is no easy task, but we have a plan. Check back frequently for updates on what JINU has planned ahead!

Phase 1

Website Launch
1,000 Holders
1,000 Telegram Members

Initial Marketing Campaign
2,500 Holders

Phase 2
Community Takeover

Control Over Assets
New Management Team
New Partnerships / Alliances (In Progress)
Rebranding (In Progress)
5,000 Holders

Phase 3
The Next Step

5,000Telegram Members
NFT Collection
25,000 Holders
New Detailed Roadmap

Frequently Asked Questions

Jinu computer

You can buy JINU on Uniswap. First you need a digital wallet. You can get a free digital wallet from Metamask. Just search for it and install it on your web browser as an extension or the app on your phone. Once you have your account, you need to load it up with Ethereum. There are different ways to do this. Once you have your Metamask wallet setup, you can follow this link to do the swap.

Always remember to leave a little bit of Ethereum in your wallet to cover gas fees (transaction costs) when you want to sell your tokens. We recommend a slippage of 4% and to use Fast gas. If price is going up fast (as in every few seconds it goes up) use higher slippage.

We have submitted applications to CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap. Since the original developer had submitted applications as well and there are multiple JINU projects (the original developer had created multiple coins and used the same website) there are delays in getting our listing. We DO have full control over the website and all the assets now, so we will get the listings. All this said, getting listed will have a minimal effect on our price since these are not usually price drivers. Our main focus is building up the fundamentals for JINU, implement word of mouth marketing, and when we get the listings, they will add an extra layer of verification. But we think the best verification is interacting with us in the community and seeing first hand what we are all about.

JINU was originally set up as a pump and dump. Some might call it a rug pull… but a true rug pull drains the liquidity pool and the shares go to zero. In JINU’s case, the original Dev made a solid contract, burned the liquidity pool, renounced ownership, and burned the burn wallet. He did everything a legitimate coin would do.

But he also transferred a majority of coins to himself, across multiple wallets. He built a website that was a duplicate of other sites he has used in the past for similar schemes, and downloaded the logo and images off the internet.

He did an amazing job of pre-marketing JINU and it skyrocketed at launch. At the peak, he sold off all his shares and just bailed. He set it up that way from the beginning with no intention of building a long lasting token.

Our community members (all the people who got burned) got together and decided to take over the coin. The first task was to make sure that the coin was legitimate and completely clear of the original Dev. We verified that all the original transfers had been sold on Uniswap and every token was bought and paid for in the open market. We next took control of all the assets, including the website, Twitter, Etherscan ownership of the contract, etc. If we could not take control over an asset, we made a new version of it. We next built the core team, doxed ourselves to one another, and began working on the project as though it is a new coin. The coin is 100% in our control. All access and passwords are limited to three people right now, who are fully committed to the project and have zero connection with the original Dev.

  • WorkHard – (Top 10 Holder) American, in his 40s, ex-investment banker and current business owner. Runs a CPG which manufactures and distributes products to supermarkets across the US. 20+ years experience in management, corporate finance, manufacturing/distribution/marketing, relatively new to crypto currencies, so he sees JINU as a company more than a token.
  • THE Craig – (Top 10 Holder) American in his 30’s, works in metal manufacturing for critical engineering. He has been involved and investing in the crypto space for over 3 years.
  • MoonRock – (Top 30 Holder) – American, in her 30’s, she has worked in Pediatrics for 12 years. She has been following and investing in the market for several years, and has recently branched out into the crypto space. She views JINU as a long term commitment to be part of an exciting, engaging community.
  • Stonesthroen – (Top 10 Holder) American, in his 40’s, ex-Video/Filmmaker and currently a Project Manager. Stones has been investing in the stock market for the last 15 years and recently started investing in cryptocurrencies after learning more about the blockchain and its bright future.  He brings years of film and video knowledge, as well as a solid background in Project Management and Marketing.


JINU is safe because anything that could have happened to it, already did. We have verified the following:

  • Ownership Renounced –
  • Liquidity Burned –
  • Burn Wallet Burned –
  • Original Dev is completely out.
  • All wallets that received transfers at the creation of the contract, have been sold on Uniswap.
  • All assets (Website, Telegram, Twitter, Etherscan, etc) are in the hands of the core team, with only 3 people having passwords to change/reset all the other passwords.
  • Core team has ongoing voice calls in the Telegram chat. We believe actions speak louder than words. The best way to feel secure is to join us on Telegram and get to know us. We are very open and transparent.

The liquidity pool is not JUST locked… it is completely burned. So the coin can never, ever be rugged. The liquidity pool just means that there will always be a buyer if you want to sell, and there will always be a seller if you want to buy. The JINU and Ethereum in that liquidity pool will always be in there. So every transaction each member has is with the Uniswap pool, not with each other. And the ratio of JINU/Ethereum in the pool is what dictates price. Rug pulls are when the liquidity pool is not locked, and a developer sells all their shares, then pulls out all the money out of the liquidity pool, so nobody else can sell their shares. Since our liquidity pool has been burned (they locked it and melted the key), there will always be a counterparty to your trade.

Here is a link to the transaction:

The JINU team made multiple requests to Bilaxy to get delisted. We WANTED to be delisted and taken off the exchange for multiple reasons. After watching JINU’s price get manipulated by swing traders, we realized Bilaxy was the main cause of this. 24 hour trading volume on Bilaxy was 232 Eth (vs 15 Eth on Uniswap). To put things in perspective, Kishu, which is 400x JINU, had Bilaxy trading volume of 650 Eth, and Keanu had 0.5 Eth. It made no sense why our volume was so high other than market makers manipulating our price, making it impossible to go higher.

Although we are not sure, there is a chance the original Dev (who applied for us to be in Bilaxy) had arranged a free market making account and was able to still profit at our loss. Coincidentally, the minute we delisted from Bilaxy, we received a wave of FUD… which only confirmed we made the right choice.

Yes, you can transfer your coins to any digital wallet. There is a 4% withdrawal fee (but you saved a good amount originally with low/no trading fees). The transfer takes a few minutes to a few hours. We do not plan on getting back onto Bilaxy anytime soon, so it is best to transfer. Once your shares are out, you can always trade them on Etherscan for Ethereum or any other coin. Although it’s probably best to hold onto them for now!

We are not currently applying to any centralized exchanges. There is a time and place for everything and in order to be successful at a centralized exchange, you need a solid price and high trading volume. With our current market cap and holder base, it puts us in a lot of risk. Getting listings on exchanges is essentially gaining distribution. If you started a small business selling a product, would it be a good move or a bad move to get into Walmart? That is a deal that can build your business up tremendously if you’re ready for it. But if you’re not ready, it will completely destroy you. The same is true for listing on exchanges. We are in this for the long run and even though we all want to see JINU on all the exchanges, we are making the strategic decision to list when it will benefit JINU the most.

We are currently putting together a Road Map, but it’s more of a task list. With a young token like ours, especially having gone through a community takeover, there are a lot of moving targets. We need to be nimble, creative and ready to pivot at a moment’s notice. That’s why it is much more important to feel confident and connected with the team as opposed to a written roadmap as it’s still constantly changing.

The best way to stay up to date is by visiting our Telegram. We are always online and interacting non-stop.

JINU is the one and only Genie dog!  In mythology, a genie is a type of spirit thought to have magic powers and grant his owner three wishes.  Come join us and let JINU the Genie dog make your wishes come true!  Ensuring the security of our community, our liquidity pool is locked, the burn wallet has been destroyed, and the community is fully controlled by holders who volunteered to come forward after a rug-pull. The safest, most transparent and honest token out there. Join our Telegram to interact with us!

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